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My husband came up from the dark and dank basement where we’ve spent the last month. He sat down at the kitchen table, poured a glass of wine, opened a bag of fully dressed chips and pronounced: “I’m done. I’m overwhelmed.”

It’s a little worrisome, given that the worst, or best depending on how you look at it, is yet to come.

The past month has sped by like a bullet. After settling in nicely with the folks and figuring out how to deflect my dad’s missives, we found contentment and peace. Being out of the city and away from all its trappings has turned out to be a paradise all of its own, and a nice transition to what will hopefully be a similar lifestyle in Costa Rica.

Now, we’re packing up again, making our second move in a month and same stresses and anxiety have returned like a recurring cold sore — painful but hopefully short lived.

We purged once, before moving out of our house, and now we’re doing it again but struggling. This isn’t like overpacking one suitcase for a three-day vacation. We have one large piece of luggage, two duffel bags and four carry ons. How much does one really need for a year?

And of course, we’ve left it all until the last minute. Almost every spare moment has otherwise been spent visiting friends, family, running errands and working. The social calendar in one month has exceeded our entire last year, which leads me to another question? Why does it take a move away to take the time to see the people who matter most in your life? It’s like the gathering of family and friends at a funeral, only I’m still alive.

Speaking of funerals, there will no doubt be one in the next few days for a fatal shooting in Calgary, likely the latest victim in an ongoing gang war. This followed another drive-by last week — gunplay that happened in a busy and upscale area near downtown.

This city, my home for nearly four decades, has morphed into something unrecognizable. And I’m not sorry to be leaving it.

So long Calgary. So long house. So long friends and family.

Four more sleeps to paradise.

Not so long before it’s hola Costa Rica.


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Practical matters

If you’re considering a move to foreign land you might first want to take a hard look at yourself and how you cope with stress.

It seems the older I get the less I’m able to deal with major upheaval and this move is taking its toll. I’m barking orders at my kids and husband like a captain to his deckhands. I’m on the verge of a major anxiety attack. Making matters worse is the aching aftermath of some major dental work I had done in hopes of avoiding a problem whilst away (note to self: next time investigate medical/dental tourism industry prior to forking over $2,000 for a porcelain inlay).

When did moving become such a big deal?

Having two small children poses even more challenges. Packing away even the smallest toy can bring on a major meltdown and suddenly all the toys that haven’t been played with in months become the favourite, can’t-live-without-it treasure.

On the upside, the basement clean out that you’ve been wanting to do for ages but just can’t seem to find the time to do, gets done. When faced with the prospect of hauling out all those boxes of junk you’ve been packing around for years, because you think you might one day find use for something in said box that contains stuff you didn’t even remember you had, the idea of throwing it out suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

We’ve decided to block off one room in our house to store less valuable and more easily replaced items. The rest will go to a garage at the parentals. Storage lockers can prove very expensive, as much as $300 per month for a whole house of stuff. Or, you can purchase a train container. Though they can run in the thousands, some companies will buy them back at almost full value.

Do your research and call around to find the best option for you. But if you’ve got family who’s willing to allow you to take up some space for a year, or however long you plan to be away, eat the guilt and do it. It means more money in the pocket for the time away.

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